The management of Dichta, aware of the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and all other relevant stakeholders, has implemented and maintains an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in the organisation through the following basic principles:

  • Promote employee satisfaction, development and growth for all employees. Create a favourable climate within the company to promote quality and continuous improvement, the health & safety of our employees and reduce the environmental impact of our practises. Inform all our employees of our quality & environmental policies and gain their commitment by raising awareness and training in procedures.
  • Respect our clients’ requirements, meet or exceed customers’ expectations and achieve total satisfaction through analysis and monitoring, anticipate future needs & continuously improve the efficiency of our quality management system.
  • Achieving top quality also means complying with tough environmental standards. We treat the standards imposed by law and the various official bodies as minimum requirements.
  • We regularly update and improve our processes in order to optimize quality, customer service, costs, technology, environmental protection, and occupational safety. We do this through a system of global benchmarking, lessons learned, and management reviews.
  • By using the best available technology, with due regard for cost/efficiency, we ensure that our processes are effective and safe, and that they have a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Long term growth and customer loyalty. Maintain our high standard of communication with clients before, during & after a contract.
  • All our suppliers are expected to comply with the corresponding regulations.
  • Reduce our use of natural resources such as energy and water.
  • Re-use resources whenever possible rather than dispose of them.
  • Encourage the use of recycled materials and recycling initiatives.
  • Prevent pollution by reducing emissions and discharges.

The Management

January 2023