Frontseals® is a registered trademark of Dichta SA used to identify our own production of V-rings.

The Frontseal® is an all elastomer axial seal for rotary shafts and bearings. It rotates with the shaft and seals axially against a stationary counterface perpendicular to the shaft.

This type of seal has been used widely for several applications and has proved to be reliable and effective against dust, dirt, water and oil splash and other media.

Thanks to hot-vulcanization process the dimensional possibilities are unlimited.


Fitting a Frontseal® is very simple. The ring must be slightly stretched and pushed along the shaft. It can either be done manually or with a simple tool, in a way that the distance to the counterface can be maintained constant over the circumference using little pressure.

The lip of the Frontsea® should be lubricated with a thin film of grease or silicone oil. In case where frictio must be reduced, coat the counterface with a low friction agent and do not apply grease to the lip.

The shaft should be preferably dry and free from oil and grease.

Frontseal® not preloaded
Frontseal® not preloaded

Frontseal®not preloaded

Frontseal® fitted with preloading using a tool
Frontseal® fitted with preloading using a tool

Frontseal®fitted with preloading using a tool