Piston seals

Piston seals keep sealing contact between a piston and cylinder bore. The moving piston rod makes high pressure on the piston seal which enhances contact forces between the seal and cylinder surface.

The SEP piston seal offers excellent performance with pressure peaks and low friction when low pressures occur. The different lip design ensures the best result in response to different needs: the static lip, more flexible and sensitive to pressure variations, ensures a good seal on the piston; the dynamic lip, shorter and more resistant, concentrates the load for the seal at the point of contact with the moving surface. For a double-acting effect the SEP piston seal can be mounted back-to-back.

The TS piston seal (also meant for rod application) has a varied and high performance use. The particular profile guarantees excellent resistance to pressure peaks together with low friction in the most different applications. The polyurethane used is formulated to resist abrasion and deformation in the best possible way, and to give the seal the longest shelf-life possible.