Inflatable Seals

These seals (inflatable) are made using extruded profiles in the form of silicone rubber tubes having different types of sections, joined and “closed” by hot-vulcanization.

This type of construction allows practically any development and shape requested by the customer to be created with the advantage that hot vulcanization gives: perfect sealing and tightness of the junction point, as well as chemical-physical behavior equal to the rest of the gasket.

In order to inflate the seal, and therefore make it perform its function, a valve is applied, also customized in terms of type and point of application according to the customer’s request.

These seals are mainly used to fill, through the expansion induced by the internal pressure of the pumped air, large spaces between, for example: doors of containers or vehicles, doors or doors of rooms and large machinery, lids, in general large “lights” that could not be sealed with other types of seals.

They are also used as “temporary” seals to be activated during maintenance work, such as the replacement of seals on ship propeller shafts.

The section of the pipe is available in some standard executions or on request respecting some parameters.

Taking advantage of the expansion of the seal following inflation, this type of article can also be used to lift, block and hold different loads on different surfaces.